Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Time for yet another attempt at a personal blog.

It’s 2014. you’re away at an internship in Seattle, and you’re feeling a bit lonely. You decide to start a Wordpress blog to share your thoughts with some friends back home.

It’s 2016. You stumble onto a blog you made 2 years ago. After re-reading a few posts, you decide it is all too cringey to be read by foreign eyes anymore and hastily delete the entire thing. Looking back, this turns out to be a regrettable decision; your thoughts and feelings years ago have all since been forgotten.

It’s 2020. You’re a PhD student in quarantine. Blogs are now a bit different to you; many academics have one and you read and follow several of them. Compared to your undergraduate self, you feel like you have a lot more to say and share. You’re at the point where people have actually started asking you for career advice and opinions.

I guess it’s time for a second go?